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We are a small, family-run restaurant located in Tsawwassen, BC. We pride ourselves on cooking authentic homestyle Thai food. The ingredients we use are fresh and locally sourced. Our restaurant is family-friendly, cozy, and welcoming, filled with traditional decorations and flowers. It’s perfect for an evening with friends or treating yourself to a dinner on your own. Take out is also available. Come say hello and shop local!



Vegetarian Spring rolls
1. Vegetarian Spring rolls

Deep fried spring rolls filled with vermicelli and vegetables


Chicken Spring rolls
2. Chicken Spring rolls

Deep fried spring rolls filled with ground chicken, vermicelli and vegetables


Lettuce Wrap
3. Lettuce Wrap

Stir fried ground chicken with vegetables served with lettuce


4. Satay

Grilled chicken marinated in herbs and coconut milk served with peanut sauce


Thai-Isaan Wings
5. Thai-Isaan Wings

Deep fried stuffed chicken wings with vermicelli noodle, vegetable and Thai herbs.


Thai-Isaan Fish Cakes
6. Thai-Isaan Fish Cakes

Fish, red curry, lime leaves served with cucumber and sweet chili sauce


Papaya Salad
7. Papaya Salad

Shredded green papaya, roasted peanuts and carrots, mixed with hot chili and lime juice

$17.95 (No prawns)

$20.95 (Prawns)

Larb Gai
8. Larb Gai

Cooked ground chicken salad with chili lime juice, chinese parsley and green onion to garnish


Crispy Chicken
30. Crispy Chicken New!

Deep fried ground chicken, vermicelli noodles, taro root and carrot marinated with Thai spice, served with sweet and sour sauce



Tom Yum
9. Tom Yum

Hot & sour soup aroma with Thai spices, mushroom, lemon grass, lime juice, lime leaves, green onion and cilantro to garnish

$17.95 (Chicken or tofu & vegetables)

$18.95 (Prawns)

$23.95 (Seafood)

Tom Kha
10. Tom Kha

Coconut milk soup aroma with mushrooms and Thai spices

$17.95 (Chicken or tofu & vegetables)

$18.95 (Prawns)

$23.95 (Seafood)

Gaeng Jued
11. Gaeng Jued

Clear mild soup with vegetables, vermicelli and egg drop

$18.95 (Chicken & tofu)

$20.95 (Prawns)


Ginger Delight
12. Ginger Delight

Stir fried mixed vegetables with ginger and garlic

$21.95 (Chicken, pork, beef or tofu)

$23.95 (Prawns)

Cashew Delight
13. Cashew Delight

Stir fried mixed vegetables and cashew nuts with chili

$21.95 (Chicken, pork, beef or tofu)

$23.95 (Prawns)

Thai-Isaan Moo Yang (BBQ Pork)
14. Thai-Isaan Moo Yang (BBQ Pork)

Thai-style grilled pork on skewers


Thai-Isaan Kai Yang (BBQ Chicken)
15. Thai-Isaan Kai Yang (BBQ Chicken)

Thai-style grilled chicken marinated in home made barbeque sauce


Basil Leaves
16. Basil Leaves

Stir fried mixed vegetables with basil leaves and garlic chili

$21.95 (Chicken, pork, beef or tofu)

$22.95 (Prawns)

Garden Deluxe
17. Garden Deluxe

Stir fried mixed vegetables with oyster sauce, served with peanut sauce


Sweet & Spicy Fish
31. Sweet & Spicy Fish New!

Deep fried seasonal fish, stir fry with home made spicy sauce, onion, bell peppers and Thai basil



Red Curry
18. Red Curry

Red curry coconut milk with bamboo shoots, green & red pepper and basil leaves

$21.95 (Chicken, pork, beef or tofu)

$23.95 (Prawns)

$26.95 (Seafood)

Green Curry
19. Green Curry

Green curry coconut milk with peas, eggplant, green & red pepper and thai basil leaves

$21.95 (Chicken, pork, beef or tofu)

$23.95 (Prawns)

$26.95 (Seafood)

Massamun Curry
20. Massamun Curry

Massamun curry coconut sauce with carrot, potato, onion and bell peppers with peanuts

$21.95 (Chicken or pork)

$23.95 (Prawns)

Noodles & Fried Rice

Pad Thai
22. Pad Thai

Stir fried rice noodles with egg, tofu, bean sprout and green onion

$19.95 (Chicken, pork, beef or tofu)

$23.95 (Prawns)

Hot + Spicy Noodles
23. Hot & Spicy Noodles

Stir fried rice noodles with green & red pepper, carrot, onion and broccoli

$19.95 (Chicken, pork, beef or tofu)

$23.95 (Prawns)

Noodle Delight
24. Noodle Delight

Stir fried rice noodles with vegetables topped with peanut sauce

$19.95 (Chicken, pork, beef or tofu)

$23.95 (Prawns)

Pineapple Fried Rice
25. Pineapple Fried Rice

Stir fried jasmine rice with pineapple and curry powder

$20.95 (Chicken, pork or beef)

$22.95 (Prawns)

Chef Recommended

Garlic & Pepper Prawns
26. Garlic & Pepper Prawns

Deep fried prawns on vegetables


Pad Eggplants
27. Pad Eggplants

Stir fried eggplants with green & red pepper, basil leaves and green onion in chili sauce

$22.95 (Chicken, pork, beef or tofu)

$23.95 (Prawns)

Nua Nam Tok (Thai Beef Salad)
28. Nua Nam Tok (Thai Beef Salad)

Beef with cucumber, tomato, mint, red onion and cilantro in spicy lime juice


Yum Woon Sen (Thai vermicelli salad)
29. Yum Woon Sen (Thai Vermicelli Salad)

Chicken with red onion, bell pepper, mushroom, celery and cilantro in spicy lime juice

$20.95 (Chicken)

$23.95 (Prawns)



Jasmine rice

$3.00 (Plain)

$4.00 (Coconut)

Your choice of spiciness:

Very Hot
Very HotVery HotVery Hot

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Tuesday - Wednesday
4:30pm - 8:30pm
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Saturday - Sunday
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Contact & Location

Thai-Isaan Restaurant
1256 56th Street, Tsawwassen, BC, V4L 2A4